White Light




White Light designed and directed by Richard Nik Evans is an experimental film based on a poem written and performed by Vera Graziadei. It follows an anonymous supernatural character on a journey to discover the mysteries of existence and our ephemeral connection to the printed word.

The witch like character surrounds herself with text that she makes from paper, plants, cloth, photograms and butterflies. She stitches these words together to make an environment of letters which she hangs in a disused greenhouse as if trying to grow meaning.

This short, philosophical film with an original score by Fiona Brice escalates as the character’s futile rituals referencing exposure, growth and mourning descend into a storm of book pages. Eventually the words, the photograms, the plants, the greenhouse and the character herself all succumb to our common destiny and dissolve into the darkness.


New York City Independent Film Festival 2020
United States 
US Premire 
Winner Best Art/Experimental Film Film

London Independent Film Festival London 2020
United Kingdom 
UK Premiere 
Official Selection